About the project

Hidden Foods is a 5-year research project led by Dr Emanuela Cristiani at the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Hidden Foods explores a poorly known aspect of early human prehistory, the role of plant foods in hunter-gatherer societies, through the study of three different categories of archaeological materials: ground stone tools, macro-botanical and human skeletal remains. The project will focus on Palaeolithic and Mesolithic societies of southeast Europe and Italy.

Project latest news

Flotation at Vlakno Cave (Dugi Otok)

In September 2016 Dr Giuseppina Mutri has carried out a extensive flotation of the Mesolithic layers excavated this year at the site of Vlakno Cave (Dugi Otok, Croatia). Samples of charcoal and charr...

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HIDDEN FOODS first results on dental calculus from the Danube Gorges (central Balkans) published in PNAS!

The starch record entrapped in dental calculus of Mesolithic human teeth from the site of Vlasac in the central Balkans provides direct evidence that complex Late Mesolithic foragers of this region co...

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