Archaeological sites

Analytical work will be carried out on ground stones, human teeth as well as macro and micro-botanical remains recovered in the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic levels of various sites located in the present-day regions of Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The table indicates countries, sites, periods and type of analysis conducted during the project (UP: Upper Palaeolithic; M: Mesolithic).

Country Site Period Flotation Human Material culture
Italy Grotta Fumane UP
Riparo Dalmeri UP
Riparo Monteterlago M
Terlago UP
Riparo Tagliente UP
Arene Candide UP
Villabruna UP
Mondeval de Sora M
Mezzacorona M
Vatte di Zambana M
Riparo Pradestel M
Romagnano M
Grotta del Romito UP
San Teodoro UP
Grotta della Serratura UP/M
Grotta del Cavallo UP
Croatia Vela Spila UP/M
Šandalja UP/M
Montenegro Vrbička Cave UP/M
Crvena Stijena UP/M
Mališina Stijena UP
Serbia Lepenski Vir M
Padina M
Vlasac M
Hajdučka Vodenica M
Dubočka Cave UP
Tabula Traiana Cave UP

Table 1. Countries, sites, periods and type of analysis conducted during the project. UP (Upper Palaeolithic), M (Mesolithic).